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FAA Part 107 certified and located in the heart of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we here at Shifted Cinema pride ourselves on delivering the best content for the client no matter the circumstance.  Poor weather, off grid locations, precise flight paths, all these factors add up to the shots that are remembered.  With a combine 2 decades of daily RC, video, and photo experience, we partner our versatile fleet of helicopters with your production to deliver the shots most have only dreamed of. Where there's a will, there's a way. 

Est. 2012


Weylin has been operating RC helicopters for just over a decade as one of the Nation's top pilots. Previously a student at the Art Institute and the University of Colorado, he fills any spare time flying full size aircraft, riding mountain bikes, and chasing deep snow with fat skis.



Ethan has been toting a camera since the beginning. His passion was able to flourish through his time on the U.S. Ski Team, which allowed him to travel the world with not only his skis but his camera as well. After his retirement from the team, he convinced Weylin to throw his camera under a heli. Shifted Cinema was born.

Ethan and Weylin of Shifted Cinema exceeded my expectations with their drone photography on “American Grit” for FOX Networks. Not only were they able to deliver complicated shots that were highly produced, they also were lightning-fast responders to on-the-fly direction during live events...

-J Rupert Thompson, Director




We have a fleet of RC helicopters (Including the Freefly ALTA 8 and ALTA 6) and gimbals (including MoVi Pro, M15, M10, M5, etc.) to achieve the vision of your production.  Each heli is purpose built, and operate with the latest in camera stabilization systems to produce the cleanest footage in the industry. Our aircraft and handheld gimbals are meticulously maintained in-house to assure reliability and safety. Every platform is capable of carrying Alexa Mini, RED, Sony FS700, C500 (C100, C300), DSLRs and like sized cameras.  

With a rapidly expanding industry, on set crashes by inexperienced pilots or improperly maintained aircraft have become more frequent. Safety is our upmost concern, and where two decades of experience sets our operation apart from the masses.


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